Bond Cleaning Service

Bond Cleaning: An Affordable and Guaranteed Service

Exit Cleaning refers to the house cleaning that is undertaken by the tenant when he vacates his rented home. He cleans the place in order to get his bond back from his landlord. In Adelaide, the vacated property is subjected to a rigorous inspection by the landlord or the estate agent and should you try to do the job yourself instead of hiring a professional Bond Cleaning Service you are likely to lose part or all of your money. Save yourself from mental strain and financial distress by deputing GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide to do the task for you.

We Clean Everything

GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a reputed and legally established cleaning company in Adelaide. You can rely upon us to fulfil all your cleaning needs. We perform a comprehensive cleaning service, scouring every room in the house be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. We clean

All the fixtures including the lamps in the bedrooms, we mop the tiles in the bathrooms and we even sanitize the refrigerator in the kitchen. We carry a checklist of items to be cleaned so nothing however small is overlooked.

Use of Latest Technology

We boasts highly skilled workers who are trained in modern technology and the use of state-of-the-art equipment. We have such faith in the ability of our workers and their total professionalism that we offer a 7-day guarantee for getting your bond back from your landlord and assure you that you will get your money back in full.

As a company, we are committed to the preservation of the planet and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and ecologically safe doing no damage to the house or the environment.

Bond Cleaning is Mandatory

As a practice Exit Cleaning Service is common as it is required by law. It is mandatory for a tenant to clean the rental property before vacating so it is left in good condition. This law benefits the landlord as he is able to rent out the property again at the same or higher rate.

Is Bond Cleaning Different from End of Lease Cleaning

The term ‘end of lease cleaning’ is often used interchangeably with bond cleaning. End of lease cleaning is simply another way to describe deep cleaning and refers to a situation where a tenant must clean his rented home to the satisfaction of his landlord before leaving in order not to forfeit his security deposit.

Why Choose Us

We urge the residents of Adelaide to choose GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide as their service provider for the purpose of House Cleaning Adelaide Service. Ours is a desirable service for a number of reasons. Booking is instant as it may be done by simply making a call or through an online application. Once you hire us for your cleaning needs, we take care of every detail and make the whole process tension-free for the customer. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount and we encourage customers to provide valuable feedback regarding their bond cleaning experience. We listen attentively to their comments and always attempt to find better ways of bond cleaning and to improve our service.

Affordability of Price

Moving out can cause financial strain because Bond Cleaning Adelaide Service is generally an expensive service. However, at GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide we recognize the limitations of your budget and our service is reasonably priced to suit the average consumer. As an education hub, Adelaide is host to many international students who avail of our service to make an economical transition from one rental abode to another.

Transparency of Service

The affordability of our service is matched only by the transparency of the whole process. The customer is kept in the loop throughout from the first inspection of the premises which takes place before the actual cleaning to the removal of the last speck of dust.

Customized Service

At GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide we operate on the premise that every house is different and requires a unique method of cleaning. Our Exit cleaning service is a customized service designed to meet the needs of the individual customer. Moreover, since the cleaning crew has a full security clearance and is also insured, the customer is able to relax during the procedure and his tension is minimized.

Service with a Guarantee

The bond cleaning service offered by GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a guaranteed service and we will give a hundred percent guarantee that you will get your bond money back in full. If the cleaning is not done to the customer’s satisfaction, we will do a reclean within 72 hours.

Bond Cleaning as Different from Deep Cleaning

The process of bond cleaning is sometimes confused with deep cleaning. They are both types of house cleaning but deep cleaning takes place more often___ after a party or event___ than bond cleaning which is done only upon the expiry of the tenant’s lease. Deep cleaning is also more expensive than Exit Cleaning.

Read Our Reviews

As our reviews suggest to you, the bond cleaning service offered by GS Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a quality service committed to excellence. We hope that after reading our reviews, you will avail of our service.