Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide: A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a special service in Adelaide for the treatment of carpets and makes your old carpet look like new by subjecting it to a thorough cleansing. Carpets need to be cleaned regularly and it is advisable to hire a professional service for the job. Carpets should be cleaned for the following reasons:

  1. Cleaning a carpet dramatically alters the appearance of the carpet as it regains its lustre and vibrancy of colour, thus enhancing the decor of your home.
  2. Regular cleaning improves the general condition of the carpet prolonging its lifespan.
  3. Treatment of the carpet promotes health and hygiene in your home. Over a period of time, a carpet accumulates dust and becomes a host to bacteria and various pollutants. This creates a health hazard in the house and it is therefore necessary to clean a carpet regularly.
  4. A carpet may get contaminated over time by spilled drinks or pets and will start giving off a bad odour. In the interest of hygiene and to eliminate odours a carpet needs regular cleaning.

Best methods of carpet cleaning:

Steam cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies will give multiple options for cleaning your carpet. Generally speaking, the best way to clean your carpet is through steam cleaning. This is a form of deep cleaning also known as the hot water extraction method. According to carpet cleaning specialists, this method removes 90% of the dirt and is also effective in killing bacteria.

Carpet steam cleaning service uses the pressure of hot water and steam to dissolve and remove dirt and other pollutants that have collected on the carpet or become lodged in the carpet fibres. The steam also kills termites, bugs and other insects caught in the carpet. Steam cleaning also gets rid of dents in the carpet caused by heavy furniture.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is another method of cleaning carpets. In this case, special shampoos and detergents are used to wash the carpet. This method is similar to washing one’s hair, therefore, it is called carpet shampooing. There are special chemicals in the carpet shampoo that loosen up dirt and debris in the carpet and also eliminate stains. The shampooing is followed by washing the carpet with water. This method prolongs the life of the carpet by killing algae and bacteria.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is another method used for cleaning the carpet. Through this method, chemical detergents in powdered form are poured onto the carpet and mixed with a small amount of water. This detergent is sent deep into the fibres of the carpet with revolving brushes. Finally, an extraction device is used to remove the detergent powder and it also removes stain and dirt.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

The last type of cleaning is foam carpet cleaning which is used to remove heavy dirt and debris from the carpet. A special kind of foam is applied to carpets which traps the dirt in bubbles. Steam extraction removes the dirt.

Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is an in-demand carpet cleaning service that relies basically on steam cleaning as a procedure for deep cleaning a carpet. The texture and fabric of the carpet remain unaffected by this procedure but the longevity of the carpet is assured.

Budget-friendly service

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a budget-friendly service catering to the average middle-class citizen of Adelaide. Recognizing that the required regular cleaning can make carpet maintenance expensive, we keep our prices modest so as to make our service affordable and within reach of the cost-conscious customer.


Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has highly skilled workers who are trained in their profession and knowledgeable about the latest technology. Moreover, as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly service, we use ecologically safe products to clean the carpets in order to restore their vibrancy of colour. Our cleaning materials are non-toxic in nature and do no harm to the carpet or the immediate environment.

Service in three stages

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has three distinct stages in its service. The first stage begins with the booking which is instant and takes only a phone call. The second stage is the cleaning process when dust and grime are removed from the carpet and it is restored to its original colour. The third stage takes place after the cleaning is over when feedback from the customer is received and all complaints are addressed.

Prioritizing the Customer

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has made the customer the most important person on its agenda and has prioritized customer satisfaction. The belief that the customer is always right is instilled in the friendly and supportive staffs which respond immediately to all customer concerns. We have built a base of loyal customers who are satisfied with our service and come to us regularly for treatment of their carpets

Gs Bond Cleaning Adelaide has a strong base of satisfied customers who have given us positive reviews for our performance and recommended our service to their friends. Their good reviews and recommendations are a powerful source of support and have given us a niche in the local community as a service provider. We are a leading cleaning service in Adelaide and aim to be the best in Australia.